Hello! Welcome to the world of Nono's! Here is a place where all are welcome; where diversity becomes unity through sweet treats. No animal products are used, and there is always an option to have you treat to be gluten free. Share them… or don't, as long as they are enjoyed thoroughly!​


Welcome to Nono’s Kitchen LLC! My name is Nodine Webster. Throughout my life I have struggled with food allergies. From the time I was born until I was seven years old, I went through immune therapy, receiving allergy shots twice a week for seven years. Then I became “normal” until I was around 15 years old when my dairy and egg allergy came back. Believe it or not, this created a lot of adversity for me during my high school years. Kids did not understand how someone could be allergic to dairy and egg and they would make fun, or create an uncomfortable situation. It became embarrassing to eat around people, because they would question everything I was eating or think that it was special treatment.

When I entered college, figuring out what to eat was one of my biggest struggles. My problem was finding sweets and desserts that would satisfy my taste buds and my allergies. Through this struggle, I went through what I call “food depression.” I lost weight because I was depressed that I couldn’t eat the pizza my job brought in for everyone or a pastry that a family member or friend brought over because I was allergic to the ingredients; so I stopped enjoying food, I was eating to survive at that point.

Everything changed when I went to Johnson and Wales University. By my second year there, I became an Allergy Chef for some kids at Camp Tevya. In the summer of 2018, I was cooking for kids who had anaphylactic allergies to dairy, egg, and my biggest challenge of all gluten. So, I had made an executive decision to create all desserts vegan and gluten free. This was my way of assuring that no child would go to the hospital due to a mix up of desserts; and this is where Nono’s began.